Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan Hengxin Mould&Plastic Co., Ltd.

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The comprehensive quality management and corporate standards, strictly testing and managing is implemented in accordance with the standards.The company has more than one testing instruments and equipment, professional testing departments and a complete detection system. To survival rely on the quality, develop with quality.

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The company uses intelligent production EPR system and employee KPI system as the core management concept, establishing a production management system which is suitable for company. The implementation of the supervision and management of the production period improve production efficiency and product quality, shorten the production time, reduce production errors and reduce production costs.

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No.8 Jinniu Road, West industry zone, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China.
Taizhou, 318020



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Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan Hengxin Mould&Plastic Co., Ltd.
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